Print Design

Despite the increasing migration of marketing efforts to the web, professionally printed marketing materials still play a vital role in communicating your B2B company’s mission, nurturing leads and closing sales. Have at least one high-quality print piece that can serve multiple objectives.

Nail the first impression

In B2B sales, there are many times you are not speaking directly to the decision maker and instead working through intermediaries. A print piece such as a capabilities brochure is an effective “leave behind” to help sell your product or service internally. Many B2B firms have gone cheap and don’t want to invest in printed materials—even more reason for your firm to invest in printed materials.

Capitalize on the empty mailboxes

Because B2B marketers are trending toward digital marketing platforms over traditional print marketing platforms, there is less clutter in a decision maker’s actual mailbox. Direct mail like a brochure or a post card can be an effective marketing tactic to differentiate your firm from the competition. Incorporate printed materials in your marketing campaign to compliment your social media advertising, email marketing and direct sales tactics.

Digital tactics in print

Why is content marketing almost always implemented through digital marketing channels and not traditional channels? Professionally printing a flyer or brochure and using this as a handout at a trade show or as a direct mail piece is a highly effective marketing tactic. Our design team will identify compelling content that can be packaged as a print piece and used in your marketing program.

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