Logo Design

What’s in a logo?

Imagic performs exhaustive research to determine a logo design that effectively positions your firm against the competition. Establishing your company’s uniqueness through a logo design can come from a myriad of qualities including the name, color, fonts, shape and composition. Keep in mind, logos aren’t meant to be literal—they should be a visual peephole into the values and story of a business.

A logo fitting for billboards or business cards

A major consideration in logo design is the versatility of a logo. A logo should work in color or in black and white. Logos should work whether they’re imprinted on something as small as a pen and as large as billboard. It should work on TV or on a car wrap. It’s critical to consider all the possible applications when designing a logo so your brand is visible throughout any medium.

A logo sets the stage for your company’s visual brand. It will dictate the color, typography and graphics that will be applied to everything from your website to print advertising to promotional materials. We will ensure that your firm is equipped with a versatile, timeless logo that successfully differentiates your business.

Energy Neutral Homes Logo