Business Cards and Stationery

Letterheads and business cards may seem outdated but the need for identity sets that can be used in a variety of digital media hasn’t waned. And, the quality of design is important too — 72 percent say they judge a company or person by the quality of their business card and 78 percent say a color card is more memorable than plain white. If you’re printing letterhead and cards, be sure to select a color scheme that will fit your budget — perhaps simplifying a multi-color logo to a monochrome version that can be equally impressive and allow you to afford better quality paper and printing. Finally, consider how body copy will look on your letterhead. Consider margins and fonts common to word processing software that still look like they belong on your letterhead.

IMAGIC designs and prints the full range of the communication materials that you use daily. Matching and coordinating business cards, stationery, envelopes and flyers reinforce the image you create in your customers’ minds.